losing weight by some easy and effected ways

losing weight by some easy and effected ways

Many people suffer from their extra weight, so we will speak today about losing weight by some easy and effected ways and instructions. Every one wants to be fit and healthy, because this makes you avoiding different diseases. And In this topic, we will mention some ways making you lose your weight. so, you only need read this article and do what it is contains in a continuous form.

We have mentioned more different ways to lose your weight in this article and don’t depend on reducing your daily food.

(1) Identify the time of your meal for losing weight

You must select s specific time for eating like 20 minutes especially if you eat slowly. This is one of the best ways to lose your weight without complex food system, because when you identify a specific time to finish your food, this will make you eating in small amounts of food. There are many people trying this way and achieved wonderful successes.

(2) Eating more vegetables for losing weight

losing weight by some easy and effected waysEating more fruits and vegetables daily is a good way for losing weight, because fruits and vegetables contain fiber containing large amounts of water with less calories and in the case of cooking them are without fat. More people prefer this way, because it doesn’t need any effort and any one can do this easily in different meals daily.

(3) Starting your soup for losing weight

losing weight by some easy and effected waysWhen start your meal, start soup because it is so useful helping you discredit your appetite  of eating which may be fatty. It can be a soup with low – calorie broth or canned soup or frozen vegetables which you must leave on low heat. You must keep away high fat and calorie soup. This way is easy especially most people in the world eat soup in their meal, so there isn’t any effort to do that.

(4) Eating some types of grains For losing weight

losing weight by some easy and effected waysThis way is very good to do. In the beginning, you must know the types of these grain which are like brown rice, barley, oats and wheat helping losing weight because it contains less calories. And when you eat pizza in any shops, you must choose the vegetable meal. The advantage of this way that you can use barley, wheat and oats in your meal in the morning, and you can use in the meal of evening too, so it may use in different meals of your. Many people who have tried this way, find its advantages to lose your weight after few weeks when they practise this habit permanently.

(5)  Sleep for losing weight for losing weight.

many experts said that sleeping helps you to lose your weight in a normal way. so, you must sleep well or add one extra hour on your time of sleeping. The researchers of Michigan university which were studying the numbers of eating calories in 2500 days said their survey which made sure that sleeping helps people in one way or other to decrease taken calories by 6% because it reduces your appetite. This way considers easy and any one can do especially sleeping doesn’t need any effort, but it makes you feel relax and lose your weight in the same time.

(6) Burn more than 150 extra calories daily for losing weight

losing weight by some easy and effected waysYou must burn more than 100 extra calories every day and this depends on your weight. And there are many ways helping you to lose your weight easily and gradually and even make you fit and healthy.

You can walk daily 1K.m for about 15 – 20 minutes, and you can clean too your house for about 30 minutes because your effort in cleaning helping you to burn more extra calories. The other works like studying and any work which needs high mental effort. Finally you can do exercises even daily in your house or in sport center because this helps you burning more extra calories.

If you do these instructions and ways, you can easily burn more calories, and your body becomes fit and healthy. The most important thing in this topic is Your implementation for losing weight and feel touch and fact thing.


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